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Judge Brock Swartzle grew up in a small farming community and attended Kellogg Community College before graduating with distinction from the University of Michigan. He later earned his law degree with honors from George Mason University School of Law, where he served on the Board of Editors of the George Mason Law Review.

Judge Swartzle was appointed to the Michigan Court of Appeals by Governor Rick Snyder in January 2017 and elected by voters in November 2018. Prior to joining the bench, Judge Swartzle:

● Served as General Counsel and Chief of Staff of the Michigan House of Representatives.
● Was a litigation partner at Honigman LLP.
● Gained extensive experience in federal courts, clerking in both the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, as well as for Judge David W. McKeague on the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Judge Swartzle is married with three children and is active in his church and community in the Lansing area.



Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about myself and my candidacy. This election season we must embrace every opportunity to connect with voters, given our inability to connect in person.

I grew up on a farm in Union City and was active in Republican politics from an early age. My father was a Branch County Commissioner and Union Township Supervisor. I have served as a precinct delegate since 1990, have been a delegate to the state convention often, and have attended several Republican National Conventions as part of the Michigan delegation.

I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan, Master of Public Administration from Western Michigan University, and Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Since graduation I have focused much of my time staying active in leadership roles with various alumni organizations in the state including: Past President of the UM Alumnae Club of Lansing and UM Club of Lansing, Past Board Member of Alumni Association of the University of Michigan and the Alumnae Council of the University of Michigan, Life Member of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, National Service Citation – Alumnae Council of the University of Michigan, Past Participant and Planning Committee of the Wolverine Caucus, and attendee of UM Alumni Day in Lansing.

Professionally, I started my career as a legislative staffer, first for State Senator Nick Smith (R – Addison) and then State Representative Willis C. Bullard (R – Highland). I have spent considerable time on the campaign trail working to elect Republican candidates including as campaign manager for State Representative Bill Martin (R – Battle Creek) and Bill Schuette’s U.S. Senate Campaign. I served as the Senior Vice-President of the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce and most recently, have been busy managing the small business I own, Lansing based government relations firm Acuitas, LLC.

My husband, David Murley and I met at the 1998 Ingham County GOP Convention.

I am running because I think there are significant issues facing our universities and threatening the world class status The University of Michigan has come to be known for. I am pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and committed to protecting these rights on campus. Additionally, I am ready to have tough conversations about life on campus. Reopening safely, lowering tuition, and ensuring free speech is protected for everyone on campus are at the forefront of my platform.

I hope we get the opportunity to meet in person in the coming months. For more information, visit my website, or feel free to email me at

[email protected]





Hello Birmingham Republican Women’s Club,

My name is Don Gates, and thank you for the opportunity to share my campaign with you.

I am running for the Wayne State Board of Governors to eliminate the gridlock and increase the growth and development of WSU. President Wilson has improved many aspects of WSU, but has also initiated some changes which has led to the turmoil, and I will support his efforts when possible, but I will provide oversight and ensure accountability to ensure Michigan’s citizens receive the best education at affordable tuition prices.

I moved to Michigan in 1991 and started as a Systems Engineer with EDS working for the GM Legal Staff. In 1994, I spent four years as an IT consultant before joining IBM in 1998, and spent the next 18 years with IBM in Southfield, Michigan. For the last several years, I have been a business development manager for several IT companies with a focus on cyber security. I am currently a consultant and contractor with Insight Global & JANUS Research Group.

Our family lives in Northville. My wife, Dr. Rola Bazzi-Gates, is a Special Education Coordinator with Dearborn Public Schools (PhD from WSU). We have three children. Dr. Ali Bazzi (27), a medical resident at Rush Medical Center Chicago. Amanda is a freshman and Adam is in 4th Grade at NPS.

I look forward to earning your vote this November. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding my campaign or the University.

Don Gates

‪(m-campaign) 248-934-0335
(e-campaign) [email protected]
Don Gates Election Committee

Applause to The Birmingham Republican Women’s Club for all of your outstanding work including providing this forum for candidates for public office.
As your Bloomfield Treasurer, I believe I possess the local leadership skills and knowledge that you demand and expect with a solid record and proven results. First and foremost, my wife Fern and I have lovingly raised our children and now dotingly welcome our first grandchild into our lifetime Bloomfield home. I am a fiscal conservative. My direct Bloomfield experience spans 26 years of service; 15 as a volunteer on the Zoning Board of Appeals and Tax Board of Review, 7 as Trustee, and 4 as your Treasurer. Professionally, I am a Certified Public Accountant. I began my career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and then started, built, and managed successful businesses’ for over 30 years. All along the way, I have provided consistent active long-term leadership in diverse Bloomfield-based community organizations, like President of The Fresh Air Society/Camp Tamarack, Chair of the Real Estate Committee and Executive Member of the Finance Committee of The Jewish Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit, and Board Member of Preservation Bloomfield.
Township finances are strong and performing extremely well. While under my responsibility, in the last four years, township reserves have earned $2,881,000 as compared to Dan Devine’s last four years in office where he earned only $476,000. Despite historically low interest rates the township performed six times better in the last four years by eliminating excessive broker fees and investing in safe government bonds. Since November of 2016, the defined benefit equities (DB) and Retiree Health Care Trusts (RHCT) have increased over 40% and 20% respectively. From the beginning of my term as your Treasurer, every financial relationship and provider was examined, renegotiated, and or rebid and replaced. All of the costs, fees, and expenses associated with these relationships were either substantially reduced or eliminated, while providing as good as or better service than before.
Bloomfield’s AAA credit rating, as stated by Standard & Poor’s, is a reflection of Bloomfield’s economic strength and management’s demonstrated ability of managing its budget. The AAA rating allows Bloomfield to borrow at the lowest rates and reduce the bottom line cost to taxpayers. As your Township Treasurer, I diligently work with the Supervisor and Finance Director to meticulously manage the finances and budget by refinancing debt to lower interest rates, continually pay down debt, and reduce township liabilities, increase our investable assets, and increase our reserves. To maintain Bloomfield’s AAA rating, I plan to continue my solid record of proven results.
Civility, cordiality, honesty, kindness, transparency and mutual respect are fundamental to a sound and healthy community and organization. I have lived my personal, business, and community volunteer life committed to these values and will continue to work as a professional in a cooperative spirit with all board members and residents to place Bloomfield’s interests first. We need a cohesive Township Board that can maintain the trust of the taxpayers and provide a local government we can all be proud of.
Why keep Brian Kepes your Bloomfield Treasurer? My extensive experience in the private sector, as a CPA, founding successful businesses, and my lifetime active leadership of community nonprofit boards and organizations, has provided me the crucial ability to work with all types of people in all types of environments and build strength. When you write more checks to government than you receive, you gain a true respect for the value of every tax dollar and take seriously the responsibility of managing public funds.
In my first term as your Treasurer, I have enjoyed the opportunity to substantially reduce or eliminate every financial investment provider’s cost/fee and treasury staffing levels while simultaneously increasing the transparency, service and/or productivity providing significant value to Bloomfield taxpayers. Your treasury department has also continually provided enhancements to the treasury process to simplify and improve your experience. These advancements include allowing you the option of paperless water/sewer billing, online payments processes for all departments, and point of sale credit card use at the counter.
We’ve only just begun… To date, we have eliminated approximately $1 million in annual perpetual treasury-related costs and fees. I will maintain a laser focus on continued taxpayer cost reductions and value enhancements of the treasury services for the benefit of Bloomfield Township residents.

Hello Birmingham Republican Women’s Club!
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little more about my campaign.
My name is Kendra Cleary and I am running for the 40th District House of Representatives.  I am the only Republican in the race.  I believe in lower taxes, less government and more freedom.  I’m running for this office because I am concerned with the long-term effects COVID-19 will have on our state.
My campaign will be focused on getting our economy moving again and creating an environment for businesses to create jobs again while working to overhaul our Unemployment Agency to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.
I will also focus on our transportation needs and look for alternatives to the ludicrous 45 cent per gallon gas tax as proposed by our Governor to fix the roads.
Finally, our education system has been impacted by COVID-19 like never before.  I am committed to do all I can to help our teachers and families adapt to our children’s needs. Our kids are too important to not get all the help they need in a post-COVID-19 environment.
We have seen two very different approaches to addressing this pandemic.  The people deserve a voice in the process and to be heard in state government decisions.  I intend to give you that voice.  Michigan is a beautiful place to live, work and raise a family.  We just need to ensure we have a state government that works for the people – not against them.
I’ve spent my career forging partnerships with Fortune 500 companies across the Midwest.  I spent 19 years with Turner Broadcasting in their Chicago and Detroit offices.
In 2011, I opened and managed the Detroit office for ION Media networks serving as their Vice President/Sales Director.  I was proud to secure over $13 million dollars of new business in the first two years of my tenure at ION.
I joined the leadership team of Detroit-based start-up Digerati/Talent EI in 2016 serving as the company’s Vice President of Sales.  The company’s mission was to promote diversity and inclusion in the hiring process.  I managed relationships with large and small employers and worked to promote fairness and equality via public-private partnership with the State of Minnesota, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Chicagoland Chamber, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Michigan Municipal League and University of Texas System.
My father served as a township trustee for three decades, so I was inspired to follow in his Republican Party footsteps working tirelessly on Rick Snyder’s Gubernatorial campaigns.  My husband and I have remained active as elected Precinct Delegates for the past 10 years and received recognition as Hardworking Republicans.  We both have also served terms as President of the Bloomfield Glens Estates Homeowners Association.
I love spending time on the water including many years racing sailboats.  I completed several Mackinac races and met my husband Timothy Weiler at a Muskegon regatta.
Currently, I have been consulting for start-ups and non-profits.  I also fundraise for numerous causes including American Cancer Society, Cycle for Survival and 4-H Proud Equestrian Program, served on the Michigan State University National Alumni Board and the Detroit Adcraft Education Committee and provide mentorship for college students and early-career colleagues.
Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –




Don Valente, B.S. in Accounting, M.B.A. in Finance and a J.D. Law Degree
Republican conservative Candidate for Bloomfield Township Trustee Position

I thank the BRWC for the invite to introduce myself.
If elected, I will do what is right ethically and financially for residents & employees, not for myself. Self-service is NOT in my vocabulary.

I am NOT a politician but just a retired person. I am pursuing this position to
primarily help Township residents who are elderly & less fortunate than myself.

I will NOT use all the “right” words here, like professional, dedicated, respect, responsibility, service, etc. because I believe it is not what a person says but what a person does that counts. Saying something does not make it so.

My background follows:

My wife & I are 45 year Bloomfield Twp. residents.
We have a 50 year marriage with 5 children
(3 doctors, 1 Attorney & a Para Legal) and 14 grandchildren.
These are my most valuable assets.

My education consists of the following degrees:
A B.S. in Accounting, M.B.A. in Finance and a J.D. Law Degree.

My employment & experience includes:
* Ford Motor Company financial analyst.
* employment with 3 Nat’l CPA firms in Accounting & Auditing,
* a special agent for the U.S. Department of Justice.
* an Assistant Prosecutor with both Wayne & Oakland County.
* 35 year self-employed practice of Law in business & real estate
and real estate broker.
I hope to put this experience to good use for the Township.

Below are what I believe to be the top 3 Issues that need addressing
in Bloomfield Township and what I would try to do about them:

1. Almost $200 M of Township debt that has almost doubled in 8 years,
including $164 M for unfunded employee health care debt.
Effect savings to drastically reduce debt & then reduce taxes.

2. 2020 six year compensation contracts for hundreds of employees
that began on 4-1-2020 and run into 2026 based on a 1 year budget,
including but not limited to a 2.5% raise each year & law avoiding bonuses to assure they pay no more than about $100 a month for premium health care.
These contracts are despite COVID-19 and uncertain future economic times.
Realistically modify these contracts.
3. Four day work week and luxury vehicles to many employees
for their personal use 24/7/365 including on their 3 day weekends.
Terminate these over-the-top things to apply savings to debt
and for real service to residents – Not for Officials and hundreds of employees.

2763 Mackintosh, BH 48302 / 248-568-7170 / [email protected]

Mike Kowall is a lifelong Michigander. Born in Detroit, he attended St. Mary’s of Redford school where he met the love of his life Eileen. Together they have 2 daughters, Marissa and Stephanie, and 2 grandchildren Madeline, and Colin.
Mike attended Oakland County Community College, and then entered a 5-year apprenticeship, becoming a master carpenter running his family cabinetry business in Waterford. Mike served on the White Lake Township Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Commission before being approached by County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Representative David Galloway to run for the State House in 1998.
Mike served 2 terms in the Michigan House and was elected White Lake Township Supervisor in 2004. As Township Supervisor he bucked the Great Recession and grew the economic footprint of White Lake. In 2010, Mike was elected to the Michigan Senate where he was asked by newly elected Governor Rick Snyder to head up economic development for the state. When he was re-elected in 2014, Mike was chosen by his peers to be Majority Floor Leader of the Michigan Senate, and ran the day to day operations of the chamber. Senator Kowall spearheaded legislation that created regulations for autonomous vehicle technology, helping create a future for Michigan’s automotive industry in the 21st Century. Senator Kowall was named a partner by the United States Department of Defense in commemorating veterans during the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, one of his proudest undertakings as a public servant.
After leaving the Senate in 2019, Mike represented Oakland County in Economic Development and Legislative Affairs.  Mike decided to run for County Executive after seeing the direction the county was taking after the passing of L. Brooks Patterson. He believes Oakland County is the best place in Michigan to raise a family or start a business and is committed to keeping it that way.

Lin Goetz is an attorney with 28 years of extensive experience in the practice of Criminal law, both as an Assistant Prosecutor in Oakland County, and as a Criminal Defense Attorney. She has considerable courtroom experience, which extends from initial client meetings, to research of constitutional issues through trial and appeal.  She has not only handled complex litigation but has often offered her assistance to help others navigate their case through the court system, declining compensation for her time from those with a limited income.  In addition to trying misdemeanors and felonies during her career, she has substantial experience in the Juvenile Justice system, and family courts.  Lin’s experience includes helping protect children from Neglect and Abuse, helped reunify families, and has fought to protect our elderly citizens who were more vulnerable to predators. Lin also has experience in Civil law, Municipal law, Housing Law, Consumer protection Law, and Educational law, to name a few.
Lin passionately believes in and supports our Veterans Treatment Courts as well as Sobriety and Mental Health Courts. She recognizes that substance abuse is often a precursor of criminal activity and has cost too many lives.  It is imperative to address the problem at its root, rather than react after it is too late.  Diversion programs for non-violent offenders can be an effective way to rebuild a life while lowering our jail population to make room for more violent and repeat offenders. However, she will not hesitate to argue strongly that punishment through incarceration for predatory or habitual offenders is critical to keeping Oakland County strong and safe.
Lin has been married to her husband of 19 years, Mike, who is also an attorney of 32 years as well as a part-time Firefighter/ EMT.  Their son is a proud Lake Orion Dragon in High School. The Goetz family is completed by their lovable Labrador retrievers. When her son was younger, you would often find Lin at the school in her room-mom capacity.  Today, Team Goetz is frequently seen at various charity events and community activities to support their Oakland County community.  On football Fridays, you can usually find Lin working at the band boosters’ concessions stand helping to raise funds for continuing band program needs.
Lin and her family have volunteered their time with the Orion Township Goodfellow’s to provide those in need of food, clothing and toys during the holiday season.  The Goetz family is active in their church where both Lin and Mike have taught religious education classes.  Lin has made it her lifelong goal to help those who are less fortunate than her.  Lin’s strong will to serve others comes from her hero, her Mom, who was the victim of domestic violence, but found strength to break the cycle of violence by leaving the abuser, and raised her daughter to be the voice for others who are afraid, to help people in need, and to respect those who enforce the laws that protect victims.  Giving victims a voice remains one of Lin’s top priorities.

Birmingham Republican Women’s Club:
Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself. I will be the only Republican on the August 4th primary ballot for the Michigan House of Representatives 45th District (Rochester, Rochester Hills, and part of Oakland Township). Of the thirteen open Republican House seats in Michigan, mine is the only one without a primary opponent.
In 2011, I was the top vote-recipient in a four-way race for two Rochester Hills At-Large City Council positions. In 2014 was elected by my peers to serve as Council Vice President. I was re-elected, citywide, in 2015, winning every voting precinct in Rochester Hills. My peers elected me as Council President and I served in that position for four years.
I’ve been a resident of Rochester Hills for 30 years and have been very involved: Cantor at St Andrew Catholic Church for 27 years, business owner for 20 years, elected official for 8 years, and have performed fundraising concerts for Angels’ Place (25 years), Neighborhood House (16 years), Older Persons’ Commission and several other organizations.
My spouse of 42 years, Susan, is a business owner on Main Street in downtown Rochester: Susan Tisdel Ink. Our children—Laura (Tisdel) Burton and Andrew Tisdel—attended Rochester Community Schools and Notre Dame Prep.
It has been my great honor and privilege to serve the last eight years as an At-Large Member of the Rochester Hills City Council; one year as Vice President and four years as President. I’ve worked closely with our area’s elected officials, community leaders and residents. They have invested eight years in me as their city-wide representative. Continuing to represent this area’s interests in Lansing seems an ideal way to generate a valuable return on investment.
My objectives while representing the Greater Rochester Area are to efficiently fund critical infrastructure reconstruction and maintenance, pursue creative support and protection of the elderly and unborn, and support increased state government transparency and accountability.
Susan and I are each small business owners. We are personally aware the challenges faced as the state safely reopens economic activities. My hands-on small business experience is needed in Lansing to ensure state resources reach main street entrepreneurs as we work our way out of the pandemic shutdown.
Thank you,
Mark Tisdel

• Married – 20 years
• 2 Daughters; Sophomore and Senior in High School
• Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from GMI (Kettering University), and an MBA in Global Business from Davenport University
• Employment: Executive Director of Engineering for a Tier-1 Automotive Supplier.  25+ years in the automotive industry.
• Assistant Coach for girls fastpitch travel softball team
• Sons of the American Legion member
• Lifetime NRA member
Political Experience:
• Oxford Township Trustee. 2008-2012
• Oakland County Commissioner – District 3.  2013 – Present
Townships of Addison, Brandon, Oakland, and Oxford. It also includes the Villages         of Ortonville, Leonard, and Oxford
• Oxford Township Planning Commission – Appointed. 2013 – Present
General Positions
• I am running for re-election because this is something that I enjoy and I do it because I want to, not because I need to.
• As a conservative I believe that the money you earn is always better in your hands and that you are best served to determine how you want to spend or donate it.
• I believe we as human beings can always find a solution to a problem and that it is not always up to the government to solve for us.  The smaller the government the better.
• Pro-Life.
Top Issues for Oakland County:
• Regaining the Republican Majority of the Board of Commissioners is by far the #1 issue facing All of us.  Since taking the Commission in 2018, the Democrats have driven their progressive agenda into Oakland County Government.  Such as; Welcoming County (Sanctuary County), $500k to Planned Parent Hood, radical appointments to committees, mandatory union card checks, $1.2M cost for election days off,  interfere with Beaumont union negotiations, modify purchasing policies to bias toward union bidders, and large union donations to the Democratic side of the County Commission race.
• AAA bond rating.  We must maintain our AAA bond rating and maintain the legacy that L. Brooks Patterson built over the years of his great leadership.  Oakland County has consistently been ranked in the top 10 for the entire Country for economic outlook and prosperity, currently we are 6th.
• Budget.  We have built a strong footing over the years and we need to continue to maintain that footing with a strong fund balance and a fiscally conservative  budgeting process.  And if possible, lower taxes and give money back to the people.
• Safety.  Continue to support our great Sherriff and the team of officers that keep us safe around Oakland County.  Support our first responders through great systems of support and tools to allow them to do their jobs.
• Community outreach and support.  With a strong budget and good fiscal policies, we can help all of our Cities, Villages and Townships.  Such as our tri-party road improvement plans, which help local communities improve local infrastructure through funding from State, County and local budgets.
Committee Experience:
• Emergency Operations and Oversight Committee – Member
• Human Trafficking Task Force – Vice Chair
• Personal Projection Equipment Grant team – Current Member
• Economic Growth and Infrastructure Committee – Vice Chair
• Pandemic Response & Economic Recovery Committee – Vice Chair
• National Association of Counties Transportation and Telecommunication Committee – Member
• Lakeville Lake Board (Addison Twp)
• Cranberry Lake Board (Oakland Twp)
• Lake Louise Lake Board (Brandon Twp)Serving as an Oxford Planning Commission Member
• Serving on the Oxford Economic Development Committee
• Served on the Board of Directors for Michigan Association of Counties
• Served on the Oakland County Substance Abuse Advisory Council
• Served as Charter of Oxford Township Trustee – 4 years
• Served as Chairman of Oxford Water & Sewer Committee – 4 years
• Served on the Oxford Safety Path Committee – 4 years



Thank you for the invitation to introduce myself to the Birmingham Republican Women’s Club. You can find out more information about me and my campaign at my website

About Me:
My name is Tom Smyly and I am a candidate for Bloomfield Township Clerk. My goal is to serve every resident with excellence and respect. This position is an open seat due to our current and well-respected clerk, Jan Roncelli, retiring at the end of her term this year.

I have been a Bloomfield Township police officer since 2007 and a local realtor since 2012. I am currently serving as president of my local homeowner’s association. I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan, am married, and have 3 children in the Bloomfield Hills Public Schools.

Throughout my law enforcement career, I have been recognized for two Bloomfield Township lifesaving awards, received numerous MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Awards, have directly trained and developed new recruits as a Field Training Officer, and have assisted in our Empowering Self Defense Workshops for Women.

My Platform:
As a long time Bloomfield Township resident and police officer, I have always been dedicated to helping my fellow citizens regardless of political party or individual differences even though I personally hold to strong Republican and Conservative values. The ideal role of a police officer is apolitical with a focus on service, much like the ideal role and position of a local municipal clerk. My outlook as clerk will be a simple continuation of what I already believe and practice in my daily life.
Any interaction with any government official or employee should always demonstrate the highest levels of customer service while being conducted in a professional, courteous manner with the end goal in mind of leaving a lasting, positive impression.
To put it simply, I believe government at every level is employed by and works on behalf of the citizenry, not the other way around. Government should exist to help residents simplify and accentuate their lives, not implement undue burdens which all too often make interaction frustrating to the very citizens government officials are elected to help serve.
As a police officer, I have had the words Protect & Serve ingrained in my mind through the years. As clerk, it will be a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to assist using those same words in a slightly different context.

Protect the voting process, one of our most sacred rights as Americans, with the utmost integrity.
Ensure every resident is aware of and has access to No Reason Absentee Voting in accordance with the recent legal changes.
Make certain every resident is aware of the recent polling location changes in Bloomfield Township.

Serve every Bloomfield Township resident with excellence and respect.
Provide quality customer service across the broad spectrum of support services the clerk office handles, including voter registration, elections, record requests, passports, FOIA requests, notary, neighborhood association contact information, and liquor licenses.
Maintain the strong reputation outgoing clerk Jan Roncelli has established.





Tina Barton, Candidate for Oakland County Clerk, serves as the City Clerk of the City of Rochester Hills and has been an election administrator for 15 years. She holds a Master of Arts in Management and Leadership degree from Liberty University. Tina was conferred the designation of Master Municipal Clerk by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) and Certified Michigan Municipal Clerk by the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks (MAMC).

In 2019, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson appointed her to the Election Security Commission. She was also appointed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors to the Election Assistance Commissions Board of Advisors. Tina’s office received a 2018 Clearie Award for Election Innovation for an Election Day Precinct Support Portal. In December of 2018, Rochester Hills was the first city in Michigan to conduct a Risk Limiting Audit pilot. In March of 2017, Leadership Oakland selected Tina as the 2017 Leader of Leaders in Public Service.

Tina was voted the 2016 City Clerk of the Year by the voting members of the MAMC. She is a member of the IIMC, MAMC, Women Officials’ Network, Women of Tomorrow, and President of the Oakland County Clerks Association. She is the past Director of Education for the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks. Tina is a Board Member for Crossroads for Youth and Leadership Oakland, as well as a mentor and speaker for Women of Tomorrow – Detroit.

She lives in northern Oakland County with her husband of 30 years, Mark; they have two married adult children. She enjoys spending her free time with her family, mentoring young people, watching sports, and playing with her dogs.




Thank you to the Birmingham Republican Women’s Club for inviting me to talk about why I’m running for Oakland County Commissioner. The BRWC has always been the heart and soul of our local GOP, and I’m grateful to all the help and support you’ve given to me and all Republicans over the years.
WHO: I’m Chuck Moss, former County Commissioner, State Representative, City Commissioner and Mayor of Birmingham.
WHAT: I’m a candidate for Oakland County Commissioner—District 12.
WHERE: Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills City, and Bloomfield Township, except for three precincts in the far south and west Township.
WHY: Our current Commissioner is our good friend Shelley Taub, who has served our district well for many years and is now retiring. We all owe Shelley a big debt of gratitude, and I’m sure she’s not going anywhere, and we’ll still be seeing energy and contributions for some time. So, the seat is open, and the GOP has to keep it Republican.
WHY ME AND WHY NOW? Simple: the County Commission has a vital role to play; that was true before the Virus Crisis and is doubly true now. The Commission is the Legislature of the County. Its most important job is like all legislatures: budget, spending, and power of the purse—which keeps Oakland a great place to live, work, and raise a family. For years that didn’t seem too important, during the long reign of Brooks Patterson, whose financial team was the best in the nation. Oakland County achieved a AAA Bond rating and defended it though ups and downs, and even the Great Recession. This keeps costs down and taxes down.
Oakland has been iconic for honest, clean, well-managed government, the jobs magnet and the jobs engine. When people have jobs and are working and earning money, families do well, communities thrive, the schools and cities, villages, townships provide services we all need. The path is upward.
But these wonderful things don’t happen by accident. They’re the result of hard work and vision and they weren’t easy. I know the behind-the-scenes work it takes to keep things humming. because I served as County Commissioner, from 2001 through 2006, and as chair of the Finance Committee.
With the death of Brooks Patterson and the change in Commission majority, Oakland’s future becomes uncertain. The Patterson financial Dream Team Hall of Famers have left the bridge. At the Commission level, the New Majority has abandoned the strict financial procedures that ensured transparency and discipline. Even before the Crisis, both the new administration and Democrat Majority were floating ambitious spending plans. How much? Where will the money come from? Mere details, they say! Well, we’ve seen in communities all around us, that’s the way to insolvency and worse.
This is no time to be sending a Progressive newcomer for on the job training. MY so-far opponents on the Democrat side have NO, repeat, NO experience in working with budgets and money that come from taxpayers’ pockets. They have NO, repeat NO experience serving as elected Board representatives, and NO, repeat NO experience as stewards of the people’s money. None.
I do have the experience, and the record to show it. I’ve served on the Transit Authority and the Birmingham 2016 Plan. I’ve served as elected Birmingham City Commissioner and Mayor, Oakland County Commissioner. I served as Chair of the Finance Committee in 2003 when we had to cut budgets and keep services. I served as your State Representative during the Great Recession and Chair of Appropriations as we rebuilt our finances and the state’s Recovery. With the administrative uncertainty and now the shock of the Virus Crisis, we need experience and a proven record now more than ever.

–Honest, Competent, Experienced.
–Proven record of balancing budgets without raising taxes.
–Proven record of pro-jobs and economic growth.
–Proven record of upholding Republican principles.


We invited candidates to provide us with a picture and a text document addressing the Club members as if they were at a meeting and follow with their  campaign message..
We will place the pictures and text document/You Tube video here.   It will remain on this web page as we add more candidates until the November elections.