Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI1 year ago

Thank you to the Birmingham Republican Womens’ Club for inviting me to talk about why I’m running for Oakland County Commissioner. The BRWC has always been the heart and soul of our local GOP, and I’m grateful to all the help and support you’ve given to me and all Republicans over the years.

--WHO: I’m Chuck Moss, former County Commissioner, State Representative, City Commissioner and Mayor of Birmingham.

--WHAT: I’m a candidate for Oakland County Commissioner—District 12.

--WHERE: Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills City, and Bloomfield Township, except for three precincts in the far south and west Township.

--WHY: Our current Commissioner is our good friend Shelley Taub, who has served our district well for many years and is now retiring. We all owe Shelley a big debt of gratitude, and I’m sure she’s not going anywhere, and we’ll still be seeing energy and contributions for some time. So, the seat is open, and the GOP has to keep it Republican.

--WHY ME AND WHY NOW? Simple: the County Commission has a vital role to play; that was true before the Virus Crisis and is doubly true now. The Commission is the Legislature of the County. Its most important job is like all legislatures: budget, spending, and power of the purse—which keeps Oakland a great place to live, work, and raise a family. For years that didn’t seem too important, during the long reign of Brooks Patterson, whose financial team was the best in the nation. Oakland County achieved a AAA Bond rating and defended it though ups and downs, and even the Great Recession. This keeps costs down and taxes down.

Oakland has been iconic for honest, clean, well-managed government, the jobs magnet and the jobs engine. When people have jobs and are working and earning money, families do well, communities thrive, the schools and cities, villages, townships provide services we all need. The path is upward.

But these wonderful things don’t happen by accident. They’re the result of hard work and vision and they weren’t easy. I know the behind-the-scenes work it takes to keep things humming. because I served as County Commissioner, from 2001 through 2006, and as chair of the Finance Committee.

With the death of Brooks Patterson and the change in Commission majority, Oakland’s future becomes uncertain. The Patterson financial Dream Team Hall of Famers have left the bridge. At the Commission level, the New Majority has abandoned the strict financial procedures that ensured transparency and discipline. Even before the Crisis, both the new administration and Democrat Majority were floating ambitious spending plans. How much? Where will the money come from? Mere details, they say! Well, we’ve seen in communities all around us, that’s the way to insolvency and worse.

This is no time to be sending a Progressive newcomer for on the job training. MY so-far opponents on the Democrat side have NO, repeat, NO experience in working with budgets and money that come from taxpayers’ pockets. They have NO, repeat NO experience serving as elected Board representatives, and NO, repeat NO experience as stewards of the people’s money. None.

I do have the experience, and the record to show it. I’ve served on the Transit Authority and the Birmingham 2016 Plan. I’ve served as elected Birmingham City Commissioner and Mayor, Oakland County Commissioner. I served as Chair of the Finance Committee in 2003 when we had to cut budgets and keep services. I served as your State Representative during the Great Recession and Chair of Appropriations as we rebuilt our finances and the state’s Recovery. With the administrative uncertainty and now the shock of the Virus Crisis, we need experience and a proven record now more than ever.

--Honest, Competent, Experienced.
--Proven record of balancing budgets without raising taxes.
--Proven record of pro-jobs and economic growth.
--Proven record of upholding Republican principles.
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI1 year ago
Diane Dunaskiss (Wayne State board member from 1995-2018) formally announces her campaign for Wayne State Board of Governors.

Diane still believes in giving back to the university where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education, and her Education Administration Certificate. She can effectively communicate with board members, contribute to the needs of the University, and further progress a standard of excellence for current and prospective students, faculty and staff, and alumni.

Dunaskiss, a longtime school administrator, served on the Wayne State board for three terms and has emphasized the need to remain committed to the university’s mission of providing students the opportunity to attend a highly respected research university at an affordable cost.

“Quality education is a key aspect for keeping Michigan on track to lead the nation in the industries that thrive here. However, the Board of Governors is currently at a stalemate and unable to more forward on educational advancements. I hope to restore communication and bring collaboration back to the board to move the University forward.”

Dunaskiss views her position as a way of giving back to the university from which she received her undergraduate degree. Board members serve without pay and Dunaskiss does not take allowable reimbursement for expenses.
“Elected officials must demonstrate commitment to cost containment in their decisions for the university.”

“I hope to again serve the students of Wayne State University and the taxpayers of Michigan to ensure that our competition to be a leading university is viewed as an opportunity for innovation. Wayne State University can continue to be a leader for advancing economic growth for the state of Michigan.”
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI1 year ago
Friends and neighbors,

The Birmingham Republican Women's Club would like to wish everyone a safe and healthy April. We know that information is pouring out quickly from the federal government, as well as at the state and local levels. As this information comes forward, we realize new rules of the "new normal", have brought difficulties for candidates in this early part of an election year.

In an effort to showcase candidates during this difficult time, the Birmingham Republican Women's Club will be hosting a "Meet the Candidates" page on our website to provide content and information that would normally be made available at a monthly BRWC meeting. These candidates are running for seats in our area, or in areas where members live, and would've been granted the opportunity to attend a BRWC meeting and interact with voters. Candidate bios will remain on the web page as we add more candidates through the November election. We are looking forward to highlighting candidates for various seats!

***Please note, a candidate's bio and picture on the "Meet the Candidates" page does not qualify as an endorsement from the BRWC.***

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
The Birmingham Republican Women's Club
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI1 year ago
Join us on April 1, for our monthly meeting! All are welcome! Event link:
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI1 year ago
We are excited to announce that Dr. Dave Dulio will be our guest speaker at the March 4th 2020 Meeting of the Birmingham Republican Women's Club! He will present an update of the state of the Democratic Presidential Primary. Check out our event page for more details
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI
Birmingham Republican Women's Club - MI1 year ago
You are invited to attend the March 2020 Meeting
of the Birmingham Republican Women's Club,

Wednesday - March 4, 2020
6:30pm social, 7:00pm dinner

Bloomfield Open Hunt Club
405 E Long Lake Rd, Bloomfield Twp, MI 48304

Cost: $35. Cash bar

To reserve your seat,
please RSVP to

RSVPs appreciated by March 1st.